What is Yoga 308

Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 26 - Brain Fart

Tonight I went into Orlando Power Yoga for more a meditative yoga with Michelle and some Crystal bowls. Like I have talked about before there are all sorts of yoga out there. This one was much more of a slow meditative yoga that lead up to a great meditative session with crystal bowl and a bit of Reiki. It was actually what my body has been calling for. I have been pushing my body a little extreme lately.

My brain is on a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mode right now. I am kind of out of it because of the meditation. I have been working really hard on the physical side of yoga it is nice to come back to the mental side of things. For those non yogis. I feel like I have been going to the gym and tonight I hung out with a bunch of hippies.

I have smoked a lot of pot in my life time, and as you know I am now a sober individual for 8 years. There are times when I go to certain places and I feel as if I would understand some things if I was stoned. Tonight was one of those nights.

That said I found my groove and found my own yoga high. Crystal bowls are really cool. The sound at times can overwhelm you. It is really hard to explain, but I just listened to the bowls. It brought me into a deeper meditation. I was having some crazy visions coming in and out of my brain (Alpha waves). I remember at one point being in the dark room in high school. Something that I have not thought of since probably high school. I was in a waken dream state. Way cool.

After 30 minutes of laying in savasana I was pretty out of it. There is a lot to the spiritual side of yoga, and I do not smoke pot. Actually, I feel like I am able to go deeper into my conscious now because I do not smoke pot any more. I think I am mentioning this so that the people that think yoga is for a bunch of hippies will give this a try, and also the people that smoke weed before class to try it out without smoking and see what they find.

So how do you tap into your subconscious / conscious? Send me an email or post a comment. I look forward to hearing from all the hippies and gym rats.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 25 - Yogi Habits

Today I went into Orlando Power Yoga for a session with Kelly Senn. It was a Dharma 2 Class. This was the second time I took a Dharma class and I liked the familiar flow and it wasn't as hot as it was the day before. I do love the community that I am finding in yoga. It is something that has always been there, but I do not know if I was open to meeting new people for awhile, but now that I have, I have met a lot of great people.

Today I was paying attention to some of the habits I have formed throughout my practice. When ever I walk into class I tend to set up my mat and then put my yogi toes mat folded in a certain way so I can quickly pull it over my other mat half way through the class. I also for some reason need my mat to be straight. I also always use the bathroom right before class.

More and more habits have been forming while I practice. Another one I notice is when I am in shoulder stand I tend to latch my big toes together. I have no idea where this started or why, but I do seem to do it every time. I also love to stretch my neck in a certain pose. It has nothing to do with the pose, but for me it feels so good.

There are quite a few more little habits that I do throughout class, but they are hard to explain. The challenge I started to think of today was to break these habits. I am starting to wonder how much habits hinder our ability to grow. Good or bad.

I know some people that have "bad" habits that they are trying to break. Smoking, eating, biting your nails. What about the "good" habits? Exercising, eating healthy, working. These are all great habits that have benefits, but I started to think. These habits could also potentially stop you from unleashing something even greater. They are comfort zones that make you feel safe, but they also can keep you from looking outside the box.

What if, god forbid, I did an entire class with a crooked mat? Or I did not use the bathroom before class? I know people who always sit in the back of the class. What if you sit up in the front of the class? Everyone has habits. Maybe it is time we switch it up a bit. Maybe its time we break the mold and feel the effect of something fresh and new. Do savasana the entire class. Sit backwards the entire class.

Just a thought. What are your habits in yoga? What are your habits outside of yoga. Can you make a change? Email me or write in a comment.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 24 - My home

It was a day of the "dreaded" HOT yoga at OPY. I was actually excited to go since I had not been to the hot yoga studio since last Thursday. The class was with a teacher I had not had before Gregg Duke. It was a fun class.

I came into class with a focus tonight. Tonight was about acceptance. I had mentioned this once before, but I tend to love to do so many different things in my life. Lately I have been a bit frustrated that I did not paint in the last couple of weeks. I love to paint pictures, but all this time I have devoted to yoga has shifted my time away from other things. I need to accept that I only have 24 hours in the day, and my time I have spent over the last year has been so positive. I need to focus on how grateful I am that I have so many positive things in my life.

Since my divorce I have been trying to ground and find what I consider "my home" I feel like I have been floating around for the last year, and have embraced the float. Sometime the river had me float lazily down a stream while other days there were a lot of rapids.

I have kept trying to tell myself that I NEED to root. I NEED to find my home. I NEED to find security. As I focused in on acceptance tonight I realized that as I thought I have been floating downstream. I have already began to set roots. I have met so many good people lately, started to blog, doing lots of yoga, painting, traveling, and learning so much. So many good things are happening with my life. I felt extremely blessed and happy tonight. So many people have been reaching out to me lately. Old friends, new friends, family. It is something I feel almost overwhelmed in love and support today. So to everyone reading this. Thank you.

They say home is where the heart is. My heart right now is on a yoga mat. It was a hot sweaty mat tonight, and who knows which mat I will be on tomorrow. It is my root and my security.

Where is your place of roots, security, and your home. Email me and send me a comment.

Oh and if there are any yogi scientists out there. I am noticing that I yawn every time that I get into the wheel pose. I mean every time I do it. Anyone know?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 23 - Open mind

Today I ventured into another Ashtanga class with Steve Rubin. Again Ashtanga is my love for yoga, so I knew I was going to be able to breath, move and focus. I felt extremely good today because I got an adjustment from the best chiropractor in Orlando Darren Hollander. My hamstrings were a bit tight from last nights practice, but my back felt amazing.

I read something on Google plus yesterday (I do use Google plus). The post read the following about a Bikram Yoga studio....

"Worst yoga place ever. This workout uses yoga poses, but it has nothing to do with the principles of yoga. The instructors stand on a stage and bark a memorized script at students, reprimanding them if they modify poses (something strongly encouraged in a real yoga class). If you haven't done yoga before, don't be fooled -- this is NOT what yoga is about. If you have done yoga before you won't go back to this place."

It got me thinking. I do hold a lot of hatred from my past. I am being honest. I would love to say that I love everything in this world, but my past has scared me a bit. I am working on this. I almost feel like this hatred is so concentrated that I do not have any more room to hate much of anything in this world. So while I work through some of these issues I am happy to say that I am much more open to the world and forgiving to so many other things.

I also am not a fan of Bikram yoga, but why? So many other people love Bikram yoga and benefit from it. Why is there yoga hate in this world? Especially amongst fellow yogis. I got to think about how I went back into the hot yoga studio last week. I felt like I have gotten a good benefit out of it. I sweat my ass off and it is a fun group of people. I hate that it is so hot and feel like mentally I get more out of Ashtanga, but I am willing to keep going to the hot yoga to see what I get from it. I would like to concentrate on what I gain from the yoga and not dwell on what I see as bad points.

This post made me realize that there is soooo many types of yoga in this world. The biggest lesson I have learned in the last month is keep an open mind and the path will start to open up to you. I am beginning to think that maybe this is what yoga is all about. I think I have closed my mind about Bikram and other types of yoga. What can I get out of these practices? What are the benefits I can find? I am planning on revisiting Bikram now to see what I can find.

Are you filled with hate that it is preventing you from experiencing the rest of the world. Maybe you are set in your ways and closed off? Comment or email me.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 22 - Self

After taking Sunday off I have headed back to my favorite class. Ashtanga yoga with Steve Rubin at Full Circle yoga. I was really excited because Marianne joined the class tonight. There is something special about doing yoga trying to become one with myself with a room full of friends that I love. Sometimes we spend so much time looking within it is our friends who help keep us grounded on this earth and remind us of who we truly are.

My mind over the weekend has been thinking of ways to promote yoga 308. I have been in the business of online marketing for 11 years now and am very familiar with making the sale. I am however not good at selling myself, and have just started to tip toe around ideas to promote the site.

There are times in yoga class that I have felt that people are watching me. I had worried if they thought that I was not doing a posture correctly, or if they thought I was weak for not getting into a certain position. This of course is all in my head. As I practice now I could not tell you what anyone else does in the class as I am busy trying to do my own practice. Most of the class is doing the same thing. No one is really judging me for doing too much or too little.

I have run into a lot of people in my past that have put their mission above others. It is important to me to keep in mind my mission and not act in a way that makes me look superior or puts down others. This is one of my biggest fears with doing yoga 308.

With this in my mind I have a hard time self promoting. I fear that I may come across as someone who is above others. I fear of sounding arrogant. I fear of making others sick of hearing my opinion. These are some of my fears that I deal with when I blog.

Luckily in life I now have good people around me. In the last couple of days I have had people contact me saying that my blogs have given them inspiration to do yoga. That they are proud of me. That I am doing this for the right reasons. A great reality check.

I feel like this is just like the mind set I had when first starting yoga. I am fearing the world is going to act in a negative manor, but in reality it is nothing like my thought process. The fears are all just in my head.

Fears do not make who we are. In fact I think fears do one of two things. Allow us to never grow into the thing we fear, or keep us from our true path. In my situation I am looking for that middle ground. I have to get over the fear in order to promote my word along with keeping in mind that I never intended for my mission to be above others. My mission is to write about my journey.

Are you so fearful of growing into something that it is stopping you from growing into what you are supposed to be? Comment or email me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 21 - Retreat

I thought today would be a good day to reflect on the last 21 days of yoga. I wanted to talk a bit about the retreat I went on at the beginning of August. My friend had mentioned to me that she was going to Costa Rica on a yoga retreat in a couple of weeks. I had an extremely warm feeling about the situation and everything inside of me was telling me to go. I think the majority of us (me included) listen to this warm feeling and think of reasons not to do it. We think of ways to hinder our true path. I do not have the time, I cannot afford it, It's only 2 weeks away, I am scared to go.

If this warm feeling in your gut is telling you something. Listen to it. Make the time, save the money, face your fear. I have said before that when you do this it may not leave to the most "positive" results, but it is guiding you on your path. This is your path of life, in order to get to the positive side of your life you may have to go over some negative bumps. But stay true to yourself and where you want to go. Listen to that warm feeling.

The choice I made to just go for it was the best choice I have made in my life. I only knew my friend I was going with, but I left from Costa Rica with 22 close friends who experienced something which was for me life changing. The key on the retreat was to let go. We did yoga every morning and afternoon which brought the group together. We then were giving the option of doing activities like Zip lines, horseback riding, or a ride into town. I participated some of the days and other days I did nothing. I got in tune with me and what it was that I wanted to do first, and then planned the day according to that moment. I let go of my busy life back home self and became in the moment.

Yoga is a great place to become in the moment. The fact that we woke up and practiced gave me that center of "I am here". I kept that with me through the day until once again we got back on the mat to once again recenter. It was the first time I was able to stay in the moment for a long time. I am also proud to say that this has stuck with me. 21 days later I am still doing yoga and I am still feeling "in the moment"

I feel like if I had not listened to that warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. If I would have figured out some excuse not to try this new experience, I would not be on my proper path. I feel like I have learned so much in the last 21 days. Even blogging for 7 days has opened the door to new experiences. Opening up and spilling my guts to the outside world has resulted by people agreeing or disagreeing with what I say. I am loving having these conversations about yoga and my life.

Are you listening to the warm fuzzy feeling? What is your excuse? Maybe today is the day you take on the unknown. Email me or comment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 20 - Excitement

Today I woke up a bit later and decided to do a practice on my own. I did the Ashtanga series at my home. I decided to set up a video camera. I have never watched myself practice and I thought this might be a good opportunity to see where I am. I also thought it would be a good idea to video tape another session 1 year from now to see where my practice has gone. I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I will try to post it?

Practicing at home can be very distracting. I know in the past I have given in to distractions, but I think the video camera helped me stay on task. My practice was a lot quicker then when I practice in a studio. I was done in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

I am pretty excited today because my dad said he wanted to start trying yoga. We are going out to pick up a mat and a block today, and I am going to show him a few stretches that he can start with. I have found him a couple studios to try out next week. So I will be joining him for the first class sometime next week.

Since I have gotten back from Costa Rica I have found that life seems to have so many more opportunities then I saw before. The problem is I am excited about all of them. Yoga is currently taking about 3 hours out of my day. I need to find a bit more balance in the rest of my schedule to make sure this fits. I want to keep it a fun experience.

It is amazing that after 20 days of doing this I feel like I can venture into so many avenues. Some of the ideas that are surfacing are to experience yoga across the world. Look into all the different teachings and teachers of yoga. Venture into the people of yoga. Yoga has a lot of different people around it. Some people treat yoga as a gym while others treat it as almost a religion.

Sometimes my ideas blow up a bit out of proportion due to my excitement. My objective right now is to keep this thing on the ground and continue to take one day at a time. Keep focus and keep balance in my yoga practice and in my daily life.

Are you excited about life today? Are you too excited about life and having trouble keeping it in check? Email me or comment about your excitement.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 19 - Gentle

Let your mind go.

Today I still wanted to keep things on the gentle side. I tuned into my body to see how it was feeling today. There were quite a lot of options, but my knee is still on the tweaked side so I decided it would be a good idea to take a Yin class with Kristen Schneider at Full Circle. It is a very gentle class and since my mind has felt on the go go go side a perfect opportunity to ground myself.

The great thing about a yin class is you hold your poses for several minutes. This allows me to tune out the world and focus on my breath. It is a great way to start the weekend. I went into the class with the intention of being kind to myself and looking deeper into my meditation.

Kristen has a very soft voice and plays some very easy going music. When I close my eyes and sit in a posture at an easy gentle stretch I can look inside my mind. As I had said once before my mind is explosive with ideas. It takes awhile to settle it down. I have also learned some tricks to help calm my mind. Today my mind was all over the place. I started with the breath.

In my breath my mind said "inhale, exhale. inhale exhale. Inhale, I wonder what I should paint tomorrow, exhale, I wish I painted today, inhale, maybe I should paint a bird. Oh wait I am not concentrating on my breath. OK, inhale exhale, inhale, what should I eat tonight. Argh"

So my mind seemed to be the winner over my breath. So what I have learned in the past is do not fight my mind. Let it talk to me. My mind ended up going to some great places today. I was still breathing, but my thoughts went to my RV trip back in 2003. I had some excellent moments on that trip. The best thing was they were MY moments. They were something only I experienced. I was back on top a mountain outside Arches National Park in Utah. I was on top of a mountain looking out a giant vastness of canyons, hills, and canyons. I felt alone in the world, but was surrounded by so many beautiful things. I remember thinking at that moment that this moment is indescribable. Obviously, I was right as I cannot do it justice as I try to describe it now.

Anyways, my mind traveled to several places and moments I had on this trip. It gave me a sense of joy that I had that experience, and that I have that to go to when I need it.

My mind also went to quick visions as about 100 friends flashed through my mind. For some reason I can remember these people all with smiles. It is a great feeling to have smiling friends in my life. The memories of these friends, some still around, and some gone fills me with an overwhelming feeling of comfort.

This is how my mind works if I just let it go. It goes to places like this. I feel like sometimes I concentrate to hard on making my mind relax, and sometimes the trick is just to stop trying. Let my mind go. I left the class with a sense of love, joy, and comfort.

What is your mind trying to tell you today? Email me or comment me what your mind does.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 18 - Accepting

Accept today.

Today I ventured back into Orlando Power Yoga (OPY) with Cortney Singleton. I went back to face the heat once more. Today's class was a Dharma class. This was another new experience. I never took a Dharma class. It has a flow and pattern like Ashtanga, but I did not know the pattern of the poses.

I was able to get a bit more in tune with my breath today and was a bit more settled and focused in my mind. It was not as hot as it was the day before. I still sweat my ass off though. It was still on my mind, but after day two it seems to slowly be deteriorating.

The one thing I have noticed is that my right knee feels a little tweaked. I think I have been pushing myself a bit too much. This is the way I am going to get hurt. I have to keep the big picture in mind. I am wanting to do this for one year and I feel like I am sprinting out of the gates. Today I focused more on acceptance and being gentle to myself.

The last few weeks I have discovered many new postures that I can get in that I hadn't been able to get in before. I would not be able to get in these postures without determination and pushing myself. However, I also need to lean back to patience and to be more gentle to my body. Yoga is a perfect way to learn this balance. In life you can push yourself to the limit. You can live a life of go, go, go, but eventually life will catch up to you. On the other side you can live a life never taking chances, never trying out new things, but is this really living? I think the trick is to find the balance between this.

I am pushing myself too hard in yoga and need to get back on the gentle side of my life. New yoga, new 6 days a week, and new blogging. I may be pushing myself a bit more because I feel more responsible writing out this blog Does anyone really want to read about how I laid in Shavanasa (corpse pose) for 90 minutes? Hmmmm actually that sounds like a challenge.

I have also been thinking more of taking on more and more teachers and classes to take learning to a higher level. New cities? New retreats? New types of yoga? I have gotten really excited about yoga the more and more I get out of my comfort zone.

So how is your balance? Is there one side of life that you are leaning? Do you need to try new things? Do you need to be more gentle to your self? Please Comment or email me with your balance tricks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 17 - Hot

Sometimes do what you hate.

So I hate hot yoga. No question. I tired Bikram yoga for about 1 week a long time ago. I did not like it. My thought the entire time was "God it's hot in here". I couldn't get over it. For the last five years when ever the subject came up I would voice my opinion. "Yeah I don't like it"

Part of the process in yoga 308 is I want to expand my mind. I do not want to close it and once again try new things and revisit old things. Keep my mind open, and learn from others and myself. I want to put myself in places of discomfort and see what happens. I do not want to fear the unknown.

My A/C blew last night and I took it as a sign from the universe to do some hot yoga. So that is why I ventured into a hot yoga class tonight with Cortney Singleton at Orlando Power Yoga. They have a special giving you 40 days for $40. I thought it is a great opportunity to take advantage of something I am not a fan of.

I went in there with the thought that I was going to try to focus on my breath. Try to connect my mind, my soul, and my body. My typical train of thought going into yoga. I went ahead and started breathing and thought to myself "ok concentrate and breath." About 5 minutes into it I started getting a bit confused with the postures and the breath was skipping. Then I started to think about how sweaty I was. Man it was hot. So maybe I made it 8 minutes into before realizing it is not my usual practice. This yoga is not something that I am used to. I needed to take a different approach.

I asked why am I so frustrated for something that I am just starting.
I started to use the same philosophy I used last night. I was just going to not worry about connecting everything. I was not going to worry about getting to that place of peace. I was going to have fun. Stop worrying and getting frustrated. Again a great opportunity for me to unwind and smile. I remember even laughing at one point.

I started to realize that when I was making my mind have fun it was not as hot in there as what it used to be. Don't get me wrong by the time I laid down I was drenched and my mind was still saying "God it's hot in here."

I think I am on to something for me though. I am planning on going back to the hot class again tomorrow with a less serious approach. An outlook of just wanting to have fun and enjoy a class. The breath and the postures will come. I have faith.

So what is it that you are trying so hard to push. Is there a chance you can let it go for a bit and just enjoy the day instead? Comment or email me.

I am happy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 16 - Jump on in

Sometimes the only way to do it is to jump on in.

Tonight I had a Flow Class with Christine Northcote at Full Circle. It is a fast paced class with lots of fun positions for me. It is a class where I tend to forget about my breathing and pay more attention to the instructor, but I like that challenge and I try to focus back on my breath. Tonight I was really concentrating and trying to get in rhythm with my breath. Then "Express Yourself" came on, and I decided to just say fuck it and have some fun. I got a little beat in my feet and threw the breathing out the door. Sometimes I take life too seriously, and a lot of the times I don't really need to. So I guess the mantra I was saying tonight in my head was "fuck it". It made the practice fun.

My thoughts today were based off a conversation I had with a friend earlier in the day. She mentioned that she had been very lucky that life has turned out so well for her. I do not believe in luck anymore. Luck to me seems like a bashful excuse when something goes right in your life. You are the one that wakes up in the morning. You are the one that gets out of bed. You are the one that decides what to do when you walk out that door. What if you left out the door 6 second too late or too early. It is your conscience that leaves out that door at that moment, not luck.

Luck does not put you on your mat and somehow get you to twist more and more into a position. It is you that drives that force inside you and it is your determination or acceptance that allows you to get there.

So why is it that you say you are lucky when good things come to you? You do not say you are lucky when bad things happened to you. To me these are one in the same. They are the reasons on why you are on your current path. You are the one that determines which path you go on. The path sometimes turns towards glory or towards hardship, but the important thing is to keep it "your path" not the person who may have given you this feeling of glory or hardship.

The "luckiest" people in the world seem to have such a great outcome, because they do what they love and jump on in. They do not fear the outcome. Maybe they do not know the direction their path is going, but they somehow face the fear of the unknown and jump on in.

After two weeks of doing yoga 308 I am beginning to ask the question of "What is my reasoning for doing this?" The truth is I have no idea. I know that it has been calling to me. I know that I love yoga. I also know that good things have happened when I listen to my gut.

I have to face the fear of the idea of what other people will think when they read my thoughts. I have to wonder if anyone is going to read this or care. Will I get tired of doing yoga? Will I get hurt? What if something happens? Ahhhhhh the unknown. It's amazing how I can send my mind there. Here's the truth though. The results will be some people will love this, some people will hate this, and something will happen. This is my path! This is what I am supposed to do. It is about the journey of doing it not what others think, say, or do.

So I am at the edge...Jump on in!
So what are you waiting for. Please comment or email me letting your know what is "lucky" in your life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 15 - Ashtanga

I am thankful for the lessons that brought me here.

Monday is one of my favorite classes with Steve Rubin at Full Circle Yoga. Ashtanga is my favorite type of yoga.

I started off with Ashtanga back in 2004 and it was the class where I have felt the most relaxed in. The reason I love Ashtanga is the rich history and tradition behind it. It follows the same postures (asanas) every time allowing me to concentrate on what I think is the most important part of yoga, the breath. In other classes I get distracted on what we are doing and I have to look up at the teacher. Then I loose my breathing pattern, but not with Ashtanga. I know what it coming and I can stay with my breath. This allows me to feel the most relaxed when I am finished with my class.

Do not get me wrong. My mind drifts away from the breath. Quite a bit actually. Tonight I was thinking of what I was going to eat after class. I would snap out of it and say to myself "oh yeah breath" It is a constant struggle for me to remained focus as my mind LOVES to get distracted. Ashtanga though helps me out tremendously.

I have a giant issue of taking on too much at once. I get very excited about so many different subjects and things that I quickly run out of time during the day as I try to do them all. My mind is a giant multitasker. Bringing it into yoga though for 90 minutes I have the ability to calm it quite a bit and only semi multitask. I often wonder if there are people who are in my class who have completely shut off their brain. Oh this was another thing I was thinking about during class tonight. Remember to Breath Danny. Maybe you are catching on to my drifting mind?

The one thing I notice when I get in tune with my breath is at the end during shavasana (corpse pose aka laying down) is I sometimes get these crazy visions. My friend Darren tells me this is my brains alpha waves. I of course think this is pretty bad ass and love it. About 2 weeks ago I had a vision of my bathroom of my house I had not been in since I was 3. Nothing really happened, but it was great to go back to that moment. I remembered it so vividly it was like a sudden moment of "oh my god I totally forgot about that."

Tonight I felt very blessed leaving the class. I have met a lot of good people lately and am happy for everything that is currently in my life. I left the class with an upbeat movement knowing I truly have everything I need to live in this moment.

Thank you Andrea for giving me the link to the explanation on the moon phases. I am not going to put that in my practice quite yet, but gave me a good thought of adding monthly challenges to my practice.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 14 - The Beginning

Today is the perfect day to start.

I have been debating doing this for the last month, and finally took the plunge two weeks ago on August 5, 2012.  I had an opportunity to do a yoga retreat in Costa Rica (For Anamaya information Click Here) and looking out into the ocean decided that this was the path I wanted to take.  I was going to do yoga everyday, 6 days a week for 1 full year.  I am giving myself 5 days in case of emergency, sickness, or some other circumstance.  365 days in a year minus 52 rest days minus 5 mulligan days equals 308.  I will write here everyday.

Sunrise from Anamaya yoga deck

My journey with yoga started in 2003.  At the time  I was struggling with my sobriety and went to yoga trying to find myself.   I went to a studio called Prem yoga in West Palm Beach.  At the time I had a very competitive mind and could not even touch my feet.  I went in there with a room full of older women.  I figured perfect I would fit right in and not feel competitive at all.  I soon found out that the older women are the true bad asses of yoga.  I was introduced to positions I never saw before in my life.  I also was introduced to this thing called breathing.  Although this was the beginning I loved the way I felt after I left the studio.

Over the next couple years I discovered more and more different types of yoga.  My friend introduced me to Ashtanga yoga which quickly became my favorite.  I ventured off to take a class with David Swenson and felt at the top of my game.  I was sober, healthy, and loved life.

When I moved to Colorado in 2005 I slowly lost my practice and myself.  I eventually completely gave up my practice.  2011 was my biggest test with 2 deaths and my divorce.  This snet me to a rock bottom for both my body, mind, and spirit.  I am happy to say I kept my sobriety throughout all of this (8 years now).

October 2011 I moved back to Orlando, Florida in search for myself again.  I started back up with yoga at Full Circle Yoga.  After the first day again I felt this moment of peace when I left.  I just felt good.  There was something to this.  Instead of the bars and drugs I turned to yoga.  Over 2012 I was going more and more.  The more I went the better I felt.  I learned a lot about who I was, my limits, balance, and my emotions. 

Why 6 days a week?  Ashtanga is rich in tradition.  Years of teaching the same postures year after year.  The best yoga brains being put together.  These people must do this for some reason.  Traditionally Ashtangis practice 6 days a week with one day of rest.  In addition they take off for the full moon and new moon days.  I honestly do not know or understand the theory why they do the moon thing so I am not going there yet.

I have decided that this is now going to be my lifestyle.  There are a lot of different theories, ideas, and philosophies inside of yoga.  I am not planning on just practicing Ashtanga, but I hope to explore as much as I can and learn as much as possible.  .Life is full of it's ups and downs.  Love, anger, sadness, and happiness are all a part of everyone's life.  I want to explore how to balance and accept each one of these emotions into my life.  I want to share these discoveries with who ever reads this.

I hope you enjoy my journey.