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Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 75 - The Slide Show

So this peacock has nothing to do with this post, but when three peacocks show up in your front yard they deserve to be shown on a blog :)

Today was the Yin class with Steve Rubin at Orlando Power Yoga.  I have several things that have been on my mind that I would love to talk about, and it is hard to choose, but this kind of goes with how I am feeling today. 

In class I noticed something.  I am trying to live in "the now." Yin is a very relaxing class where you can concentrate on just being in the moment.  My mind has been all over the place this week.  It has been hard for me to live in the moment.  During class I was concentrating on my breath.  Breathe in, breathe out.  This is where I was looking to find my peace, but it wasn't working.

 I decided to try a different approach.  I decided to focus on where I was in the posture.  I would say in my mind "My right arm is on the ground."  I figured that this was a good approach.  It is where my body was in the moment.  Where I was in "the now."  Just like that though, my mind drifted into the past.  I had a quick vision of when I was in Madagascar.  This was a great night in my life, but just like that the vision switched to the next happy vision.  I then started to try to get my mind back into "the now"  Where is my body, where is my breath.  I started to get frustrated.  My frustrated mind then started to think of how this topic would make a good blog.  AGHHHH!!!!!

I started to think about this and talked later to Marianne about this subject (Thanks Marianne!)  Yoga releases emotions.  I have been in classes where I finished sad, relaxed, happy, angry.  There have been a lot of studies that the body can hold onto emotions, but what about memories?  The whole time I was trying to find "the now," but "the now" for me was unlocking these past memories.  Remembering these moments in life were also unleashing emotions.  Maybe emotions are tied to my past memories.  Maybe I am holding onto these happy moments because I locked these happy moments inside my body.

I was a ignoring where I am.  I was ignoring my mind going to the past, and trying to force my mind to focus on something else.  I always thought that my mind was supposed to go blank in yoga.  I am not sure why this is what I thought a mind should be.  My mind is filled with visual thoughts.  I am a very visual person.  It makes sense that I have billions of images locked in my brain and body that will unleash during yoga.

I am going to pay more attention of what type of memories unleash during certain postures.  Certain postures must unleash certain emotions as well as certain types of memories.  I am pretty fascinated with this concept.

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