What is Yoga 308

Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 106 - Be Honest

Happy Meatless Monday!

I was at the Ashtanga class with Steve Rubin tonight at Full Circle yoga.  My sinuses are still acting up, so I have not felt up to speed tonight.  Overall, I still feel like I am being gentle in my breathing and in my postures.

I am beginning to notice more and more of who I am through all of this process.  Yoga has given me the opportunity to stop, accept, and be me.  We all have one person to answer to in our lives.  We all go to bed and have to live and sleep in our own mind.  We all have that inner voice talking to us.  What is on your mind when you go to bed.

I find the thing that keeps me up at night are things that I have no control of.  I do not have a lot of restless nights, but when I do they are over worries of trying to fix other peoples problems or trying to fix a problem that is not mine to fix.  I feel like I waste time and energy worrying about a lot of things that I can do nothing about.  I watch the world as we worry about so many things that ultimately have nothing to do with our lives.  Things from the past come up in my head or worries of the future.  Where does it get me.  Some may argue that these worries help to make good and proper decisions.  I wonder if these are decisions that need to be made in the first place.

My true peace of mine is knowing that I can live an honest life.  I can go to sleep knowing that I am being honest with myself, my soul, and the people around me.  If I want to build to my sleepless nights I could live a dishonest life.  Something where I fear both the past and the future.  A dishonest life will bring more sadness about my past and worries about my future.

We need to all stay honest with each other, but more important stay honest with yourself.  Only you know what is good or bad.  We are the ones that rest our head on our pillows and dream of something for our future.  You are the only one inside your head.   Be honest about your hopes and dreams.  Be honest that you are not the only dreamer out there.  Be honest that there are dishonest people out there.  Look deep inside your heart and do what is right in this world.  Be the change and be honest.

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