What is Yoga 308

Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 179 - Exert positive energy

Happy Vegan Thursday.  And what a day it was.  We got another 14" last night, 8" yesterday, on top of 24".  This makes for about 46" of fluffy base.  It is what I would imagine would happen if I fell into a cloud in heaven.  I was back on the mountain for some crazy times flying down on my snowboard.  Snowboarding can do a wonder to your body.  My knees were acting as giant shock absorbers all day and my back was flipping the board back and forth.  There is no real balance when it comes to snowboarding. 

After all the harsh body treatment on the mountain it was time to give my body a nice recovery Yin yoga session.  I took the Yin class with Lindsay Barr at the Yoga Center of Steamboat.  I felt like my body was pushed to the extremes today.  First killing it on the mountain and then finding bliss in yoga.  It was the perfect Yin meet Yang day.  I am beat.

I have been thinking a lot about the defintion we give ourselves.  When we go through school we start giving or are given our self labels.  I went to school, and came out an engineer.  I think for some people these labels are what they use to define themselves.  I feel like these labels are not our definition, but rather simple paths to where we truly want to go.  We are in complete control of these paths. 

I see individuals who are stuck in a life full of depression, despair, and sadness.  They look at their current situation as their defintion of who they are.  They begin to either lose hope, or they continue to beat themselves down into the hole of depression.  Today can be seen as your starting point.  You are the one in control of bringing positive or negative energy into your life.  I do believe like attracts like.  If you are emitting negative energy such as distrust, greed, or self absorbed behavior you will attract people that are in similar boats.  You are in all reality looking for this in your life.  If you are looking for peace, happiness, and joy, these people will come into your life.  It is up to you to keep this in your heart.  I see individuals with this love, happiness, and peace around them, but they are not familiar with this.  They do not understand this.  They eventually fall into the negative aspects of life. 

Some think that we are here for a purpose.  Maybe we are here to fulfill one ultimate purpose.  Maybe we are here to bare a child that cures cancer, maybe we are here to let someone feel true love, or maybe we are here to develop that ultimate idea.  However, I do not think our lives are here for one big purpose, but rather daily purposes.  We are here to connect with each other.  To help one another grow.  Not in the sense that stuns our own growth.  We are not here to save others or drag them out of hell.  We are here to learn from one another.  We are here to grow together.

Every connection has a purpose here on life.  The only individual you can control is yourself.  When you wake up in the morning where do you put your energy and life towards?  Do you exert a positive energy?  Do you look to give out to this world?... or Do you exert negative energy?  Do you look to get what you deserve?  Do you continuous play the victim in life?  Do you look to blame others?  When we connect with each other we exert one of these energies.  Tomorrow when you wake up start exerting the energy you want in your life.  It will come back to you ten times greater.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 178 - Drama free for me


A lot of people are asking what beardsicles are.  The above shows a good example.  The snow is so light here it sprays almost like water and gets caught in my beard.  The snow just keeps falling here in Steamboat Springs.  We probably will have 48" of fluffy goodness over the last 3 days.  I was so tired this morning, and my body is pretty worn out from everything I have been doing.  It is funny that our town will gear everything around skiing and snowboarding.  Appointments are almost expected to be canceled with this much snow.  This much light snow is the reason to live in Steamboat Springs.  Even the yoga class with Becky Obray at Steamboat Fitness was structured around the fact that probably 9 out 10 people were on the mountain earlier in the day.  So there was more focus on recovering the body from the stress legs and backs go through on a powder day.

Drama is part of everybody's life.  There will be days where it will inevitably invade our life, but how much are we in control of drama?  I am seeing a lot of my friends who seem almost attracted to a lot of unnecessary drama.  I almost feel like 75% of this drama could be avoided if they did not use drugs or alcohol.   The fact that they do causes more issues then it does solving the issues that are already there.  At one point in our life we all grow up.  To me it is more of taking responsibility and being able to take care of yourself.  You stop relying on other people or other substances to help you with your everyday life and emotions.  You begin to stop using and relying on others, but rather start providing and giving back to the universe.  You in a sense become a being who can handle the drama that is around you, and not allow it into your self. 

I watch some friends who are almost addicted to drama.  They live a life surrounded by drama, and eventually do not know how to go throughout a day without some type of drama.  They then become a drama addict and actually seek it when it is not around them.  Instead of sitting in stillness or a silent home they feel as if something is not right and call, drive, or create drama.  All so they can once again feel this comfort of drama in their life.

I grew up in a very positive household.  I look back and do not see a lot of drama in my life.  At one point I remember I was very interested in the drama of life.  I was attracted to dramatic individuals.  I was seeking to show them that life is simple.  I am done with this.  People need to find out how to stop seeking drama and sit comfortably in a life full of peace, love, and simplicity.  I really do think we create our drama.  If you seek a world like "Jersey Shore" you will find it.  If you seek a world like the Dalai Lama you will find it.  After all it is your path you choose to follow and ultimately your world.  You are welcome to come into my simple life, but please do not ask me to join your life of drama.

I am a firm believer of not using any type of drug or alcohol.  To me it is only a road to unnecessary drama.  It is keeping the emotions, feelings, and thoughts inside of you.  This will eventually come up in an unhealthy form and cause issues in the long run.  Instead embrace your honest self.  Look at what emotions and feelings that are coming up and let them come up.  Do not fear "negative emotions."  We all have them.  Keep these emotions flowing through you, and do not add unnecessary blocks to keep these from coming out of your body.

I am not saying my life is drama free, but this is the pathway I have set.  I am dealing with drug and alcohol use from when I was 16 up to when I was 28.  12 years of use, I still believe I am working on a lot of ways to dealing with life in a healthy fashion.  There are still blocks in my system I am trying to get out of my mind and body.  If you never address your blocks they will eventually take over your mind and body.

Maybe drugs and alcohol are not your vice.  Maybe it is food, exercise, stress, or something else that you know is causing blocks in your system.  You know which ones are guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle and which are blocking you from living how you want.  Take aim, take charge, and guide your soul towards that simple life.  Email me or leave a comment on what you are trying to overcome.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 177 - Iyengar

24" of snow dumped on Steamboat Springs last night leaving the entire town in a grateful and excited state as we all raced to the mountain this morning.  There was an excitement on the base of the mountain as we all waited for the gondola to open.    There is never a good explanation on how this makes me feel.  My best advice to anyone is to learn how to ski or snowboard so one day you can experience a true powder day.  It is true bliss.

Later in the day I went to an Iyengar based class with Libbie Mathes at the Buddhist Center of Steamboat Springs.  If you have not heard of Iyengar he is a 94 year old yoga guru who studied under Sri T. Krishnamacharya.  Krischnamacharya is the known as the "the father of modern yoga"  He taught Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga yoga),  Indra Devi, and my teacher today Libbie.  Most forms of what we now call yoga stemed from Krischnamacharya.  To me I listen most intently too these practices because of the history, tradition, and theory behind these practices.  Each student under Krischnamacharya ended up teaching a different practice due to their physical condition, emotional state, or other circumstances.  In fact Krischnamacharya taught his students differently so they could experience their own form of yoga.  Here's a pretty cool video I found of him.

My instructor today was actually a student with Krishnamacharya and has taught for more then 20 years with the Krishnamacharya / Iyengar lineage.  I did feel like I was in the presence of someone who has a lot more knowledge then I have time here in Steamboat.  I am hoping to return to her class and learn more from her.

The Iyengar teaching is based on getting your asana (posture) techniques down.  So you typically will hold the posture for a long time and correct your posture to try to get the correct form.  We were in headstand for about 3-5 minutes and shoulder stand for about 8 minutes.  Today's class had a lot of inversions (which I have been wishing for).  She based a lot of her postures depending on the phase of the moon.  The class also uses a lot of props (blocks, straps, blankets).  Props are another common practice in Iyengar.  I did feel very good in her presence, and took a lot of knowledge from the class.

Today's class had no music, it was not about doing situps, and there was not a lot of self absorbed life lessons and philosophies being thrown at us during class.  To me it was about learning about traditional yoga and how I could combine it into my own life and yoga practice.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 176 - Music in Yoga

I did sign up and get into the hot yoga class with Lyn at Virv yoga in Steamboat Springs.  The class Lyn teaches she calls "Yoga Raves."  It is a yoga flow class where she loves to flow to her favorite songs.   It was great to be in a hot class again.  The classroom is really small and can only fit about 8 people in it (if you remember I could not get into it last week).  Lyn was very encouraging in just having fun with the class.  As we listened to her music she asked that you try to find the music and flow with the music.  It was away from my normal everyday classes and I set any seriousness in yoga aside and just let my brain relax and have fun.

Sometimes we dive so deep into ourselves we forget that life is not all about being serious.  We all need days that we can kick back and just enjoy life.  This is what I was reminded of today.  It was the first time I ever layed in Savasana and listened to the song "Sweet Jane."  This brings me to my next topic.

A lot of people play music during class.  It is in reality a distraction from what we are actually trying to do in yoga which is concentrate on our breathing and focus within.  However, I really do enjoy music during class.  I am not at a place where I can concentrate 60-90 minutes entirely on myself.  Someday I may get to a point where I like a quiet class.  Where I am right now I enjoy the music.  I feel like the music also helps from the other distractions such as cars or trains driving by, or loud people in stores next to the studio. 

I definitely have a preference when it comes to music during Savasana (final relaxation).  I do not like music being played that have lyrics.  I prefer the basic chants, new age, yoga music.  When there are lyrics I get sucked into the lyrics and start thinking about them.  When there is only sound I can actually use it to channel into a deeper relaxation.  Eventually I do not even here the music and I am in my zone.

I know overall that music should be something we learn to block out of our heads, but for now I feel like it helps me out.  There are days like today when music helps me not take my life so seriously.  There was a lot of smiles and laughes coming from me today.

I am in good spirits as of late.  It might be the snow that is falling in Steamboat and the excitement of a possible good powder day on the slopes tomorrow.  I am off to bed so I can be one of the first ones on the slopes tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 175 - Cloudy Visions

I am back in Steamboat Springs, CO.  The whole town is hoping to get the snow storm that is supposed to hit here over the next few days.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Before leaving Denver I was able to take a morning class with Kathleen Swinbourne at Lohi Athletic Club.  I was feeling pretty tired on a physical level, but the class made me smile, and I loved the inversions we did in the class.

I was thinking on the drive here on how I am a bit cloudy and unclear about my life and what it is I am wanting to do in the future.  The thing is, I am really excited for this cloudy vision, because it shows that I am human.  I do not have all the answers on to where I am going or what will happened to me.  However, I do feel like I am exactly where I need to be.  I feel a bit strange and weird, but I am on the right path to where I need to go.  I really feel like my past has put me here in this moment, and I feel like everything is unfolding and starting to have purpose.  I just need to continue to keep my eyes and ears open and continue to go out into the world with an open heart.  When I have done this and go out my front door with a positive outlook, life seems to present itself to me, opportunities begin to present themselves, and life becomes an adventure.  It is when I close off my connection, I start to feel like I deserve the world to provide for me, or stop listening to the world, this is when I feel like I fall off my true path.  I am feeling like 2013 has been piecing together the things that I truly do want, and I am doing and moving forward with these things.

Being in yoga you run into a lot of people who's ego come out on center stage.  It is as if they feel that yoga has made them an enlightened being, but there actions tell us something else.  I know that I am not some god like super human who has found enlightenment, and there is a big piece of me that hopes I never get there.  I am loving the journey of all this.  It really is the best part.  I always want something to learn and bring into my soul.  I love when there is a big group in a yoga studio and we all seem to connect with each other.  I feel like the best way we do this is by exposing our faults and the fact that we all have the opportunity to grow from these faults.  This opportunity is my favorite part of yoga.  We are all growing together in our own individual way.  It really is a cool feeling.

I want to stay grounded throughout my yoga experience.  I want to be able to relate with the rest of the world while continuing to take this journey.  I want to be able to always have faults and accept my faults as well as accepting the faults of others around me.  I want to have the knowledge that we are all learning and growing in our life.  We all have the opportunity to find inner peace, love, and compassion.  We all have different paths to find it.  It makes me feel good though thinking that we are all on this journey though leading towards this common goal of love, peace, and compassion for all living things.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 174 - The next step

Today I went to CorePower Yoga in Denver.  It is a heated yoga class that is more of a commercial grade yoga.  It is more physical then it is spiritual.  I remember I went to this studio about 7 years ago, and did not like it because it was more like a gym.  Now I look at it as more of a relief from the spiritual sides of yoga.  Doing yoga 6 days a week, I like a nice balance.   I am not at a point in my life where I can continuously dive deep into myself and take everything seriously.  Some days I just like to let go, not think, and work out.  So this is where I was today and it was nice to be able to concentrate more on my physical self.

I have been thinking a lot about the drive we have as human beings.  Some of us have no drive and wish or hope for a different life, while others have an insane drive and wish for relaxation and inner peace.  Then there is the question of what we are driving towards in the first place.  Are we looking for money, stability, love, a new car, compassion, acceptance, reproduction, inner peace, a successful career. 

Our society teaches to get good grades, so you can get into college, get a good career, make the proper amount of money, get married, have kids, grow old, and then find happiness.  There always seems to be the next step.   This next step is supposedly the pathway to inner peace or happiness.  OK I finished college, now I must find my job.

It was when my society driven plans got derailed by my divorce that I was truly able to stop and question my truth and my own happiness.  It brought a better appreciation to the negative side of life that brings room for inner growth and building strength from within.  I started to understand that happiness and inner peace are not found in our external lives of material things, who we have around us, or our changing emotional states.  True happiness is found deep inside of us, inside our core being.  We need to dive down deep and start to examine the true being that is "me."  Who I am in relation to this world.  How I can give and what I offer to this world.  The answer seems to be stop looking forward toward where I am going, stop blaming or embracing the past, but rather live in the moment.  Enjoy both the positive sides of life ,and look at the "negative" side as an opportunity to grow.

Take chances in life and expect to fall down.  Just like learning a yoga pose the only way to finding true inner peace is to start, practice, fall down, practice again, fall down some more, and keep looking to achieve that posture.  Then after you achieve that posture look for the next one that will help you grow.  In yoga there is always the next step.  There is always something to practice.  I plan on living this life off the mat too.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 173 - A day off

 I am in Denver painting a mural of monkey's for a babies room.  I will take a picture when it is done.  It is super fun to be able to work on such a giant space, and it is such a good feeling to be able to get my creative brain working again.

I took the day off, because I wanted to venture off into Denver and find some new classes.  I am pretty excited to get in some city yoga.  There are so many selections of yoga in cities. If you live in a big city you really need to start searching.  I always tell people to go to as many different classes as possible.  There are so many types and practices of yoga.  Most studios have different selections to choose from, and then each studio will also differ.

I really am stoked with how yoga has made me feel.  It is a daily practice of sitting with myself and concentrating on letting things go.  I am letting all negative and positive feelings go and just sitting with the now.  I had a lot of things come up this week, but I did not dwell on them.  They just came and went.  Practicing yoga has helped me tremendously with learning patience with the outside world and letting it be.   I continue on with finding answers and practicing staying present in this world.  Yoga is in really important in my life.

A couple of updates.  My dad is still doing yoga 6 days a week.  His goal was to gain more mobility in his neck and loosen up his shoulders.  He told me before I left that he is able to turn his head much better then before.

I am still on the Meatless Monday and Tuesday along with Vegan Thursdays.  I rarely eat meat past that.  Maybe once or twice a week.  I am noticing I am eating a lot more pasta lately or pizza.  I am looking into trying to find more vegetarian options out there.  So if anyone has good suggestions let me know.  I will more then likely get more strict when I return back to Orlando.

I am still on the kick from watching the video of Pattabhi Jois talking about the most important thing about yoga is to practice.  I see people in yoga that are scared to do a certain posture.  They have a choice to sit the posture out or try to get into it.  If they choose to sit and not try there is no growth.  If they try and fail, they have something to go off of the next time they try.  If they accomplish the posture they have the next posture to try.  Off the mat they face the same thing.  I see so many people scared to try things.  Insecurities, fears, or tramadic events can lead them not to try something.  We all have our limits, but if you really want to try something and you are worried about failing or making a fool out of yourself, just start practicing.  Dive deep inside yourself, find that courage, and start your growing process.

What do you want to do today?  What is really stopping you?  Stop answering the following question and go out and start it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 172 - Processing

I was up on the mountain snowboarding solo for a couple hours. today.  There is nothing like finding one of my favorite runs completely empty, and being able to zip on down it as fast as I want to.  Afterwards I sat down for an acupuncture appointment with Frank Cutler.   It was here I felt a major shift in my brain.  Some things just smack you in the face.  I have been processing my past over the last few days.  Getting sick beat me down physically and the down time forced me to focus on the now and things started to surface from my 2011 year of hell.

2011 was one crappy year.   2 deaths and a divorce back here in Steamboat made me move to Orlando to restructure and regain my mental balance.  2012 was a giant year of growing for me.  I feel I have learned so much about myself over the last year, and felt it was ready to return to Steamboat to see where I was at.  Of course coming back brings up some emotions, but I am really happy that these things surfaced and pushed their way through me this week.  It is a couple things that needed to push through in order to build an even stronger future.  It is very exciting.

I am beginning to realize 2013 is my year of my version of "Eat Pray Love".  I have a lot planned that is all focussed on the growth of me.  I am learning a lot on how it is I am and will continue to grow into my future.  Methods like yoga, therapy, acupuncture, massage, and much more.

Being here makes me appreciate all the strong people in my life.  My family, my friends in Colorado, my friends in Florida, my friends across the world, and of course my dog.  Sometimes we get caught up in the people that hurt us, are not there for us, or just do not like us.  This is such a waste of time to me.  I want to show my appreciation to the important people in my life.  They do mean so much to me.  Thank you to everyone who supports me for being me.

After the great pick me up in acupuncture I went to a Vinyasa style class at Steamboat Fitness with Cristen Malia.  I felt good going in, and felt great coming out.  It was a fun class filed with a lot of wall work.  We jumped into handstand against the wall like 6 times.  We also did headstand!!!  These simple things can make me so happy these days.

I am very happy with the space I am in right now.  I am realizing how I am working through things, and how I am growing.  I realize that my mind will play pretty crazy tricks on me.  I am however working on such things like mind control.  This is all about practice.  Here is a great video of the late Pattabi Jois (one of my favorites) talking about mind control and a lifetime of practice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 171 - Suit Up.

My pity party is over.  It was a good time when it lasted (sarcasm).  Maybe it was something as simple as my dog giving me kisses in the morning.  I am not sure exactly why my brain decided to function in a positive manner and ignore the negative side of life today.  It just did.  Last time I was down in the dumps the same thing happened. 

Life is 100% our own perspective.  Life around me was getting me down.  The negative dramatic side was eating into my brain, and my brain was letting it in.  Maybe it just needed to feel sad, down, and upset.  So letting in and giving my brain it's little pity party seemed to do the trick.  I needed a few days off.

Today was blue sky's and a warm 20 degree weather (warm for Steamboat Springs).  Yesterday it was the exact same weather.  It was the exact same situation.  I did pretty much the exact same thing.  Yesterday I saw darkness, sadness, and drama.  Today though I saw opportunity.  Today I saw fun to be had.  I saw people to meet.  I saw a small town to run around in.

Today I went to Steamboat Fitness and took a Vinyasa yoga class with Becky Obray.   I was excited to do some of the postures I have not done in a couple weeks.  Headstand, crow, and kicking a bit into handstand made me really happy.  The class helped me solidify a good positive outlook for the rest of my night.

A couple of my friends have been talking about the internal growth that has happened to me since I started yoga.  Being here has made me realize how much I have really grown through yoga.  It made me remember where I was 18 months ago.   It has given me a greater appreciation of the people who have taught me, the people I have met through yoga, and the individual growth we go through together.  

Looks like I am back on my path.  I thought it was cool how many comments and emails I got yesterday while feeling down.  It is weird to me how people pick each other up when being down.   I would love to see more open communication between my readers.  Please let me know your experiences or similar situations.  There are others like you who are sending me private emails.  Feel free to express yourself on this blog.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 170 - Pity Party

I am having a pity party and you are all invited.  I am still having trouble getting out of this mental block.  So I decided that I would just get it over with and feel sorry for myself.  It is the same old thing that causes me to get into the funk.  Events from my past will make me question what I want to do in the future.  All and all it causes me to be frustrated because I am not living in the present.  I cannot change the past and worrying about the future will only cause worry.  The past and future officially got me today though.  So why not have a pity party.

We all need to feel sorry for ourselves every once in awhile.  I do not make a habit about it.  The more I think about how I am feeling sorry for myself the more ridiculous it sounds.  I am in such a great place in life.  My past has helped me grow into who I am right now, and my future looks nothing but good.

I think I am getting a little worn out here.  I have listened to a lot of people's issues,  and I have been surrounded by a lot of unnecessary drama.  I have roommates now and my norm is having an entire home for me and my dog to do as we please.  So I am missing my normal outlets.  I have not been watching tv, playing video games, painting, or sitting in the backyard.  I do not have my normal 3 classes of yoga to choose from, my juice bar, or my yogi friends to cheer me up.  I feel like I have changed so much then when I first lived here. The old outlets do not work as well as my new Florida outlets do.  It is making me appreciate the things I have in my life.

As I listen and watch life's drama around me, I feel like I am watching a really bad TV show.  I have seen this episode 7 times and I am so over it.  I cannot change the channel though, and the "Life TV" seems to be getting louder.  So I have been trying to turn off the "Life TV" for the last couple of days and find my center again.

I am seeing how the old me used to try to fix these issues.  How I could get sucked into life's drama.  It get's me no where.  I keep telling myself that I am not responsible to make unhappy people happy.  I do believe these unhappy people have to find their own path to happiness.  Keeping my emotions stable will only result in stable people around me. 

I am still focusing on letting go of the "Life TV" and keeping balance and stability in my body, mind, and soul.

It's amazing how blogging can help me put things into perspective.  If you have any comments about this subject please leave them here or send me an email.

Back to my Pity Party.  Until tomorrow.  Cheers.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 169 - Gloomy day

I am frustrated.  I just woke up this way this morning.  I had some frustrating dreams, and I just woke up and started the day in this frustrated moment.  I had my good moments today, but I really do feel gloomy today.  I tried to get into a small hot yoga class here, but there was not enough room at the door for me.  I had no other choice in this small town, but to do yoga at home. I feel like the world is moving around me, and that I am having trouble relating with the world today.

A young man did some really stupid things over the last week, and when I talked to him about it he used the excuse that he was drunk.  This of course stuck in my head.  I was there at one point of my life, where I did stupid things and blamed it on drugs or alchol, but I am way past that now.  9 years sober and I have nothing like that to fall back on anymore.  If I do something stupid, then I am just stupid.  No excuses.

I started to think how crazy it is that some people (me included) used the excuse of being drunk as a good excuse to being an idiot.  As if we have no control picking up that beer, smoking pot, or popping that pill.  As if something else is in control at that moment.  If you use the excuse of drinking too much please just drop it.  Just say I am an idiot.  If you are constantly using this excuse, stop drinking, this will allow you to stop being an idiot.  Or just continue being an idiot and blaming something other then yourself.

There were so many of my emotions that were hindered and stunned because of this.  I could only express certain emotions when I was high or drunk.  Maybe you know, or you are the person, who loves a good glass of wine after work because it helps you unwind.  At one point of our life we became so fearful of our emotions we depended on something else to help escape these fearful emotions.  We turned to drugs (prescribed or not) and alcohol to keep these emotions from actually getting too us.  These natural emotions somehow became bad.  The more we run the more these emotions control us.  I probably still use things like coffee or yoga to help keep me away from these emotions.  However, the longer I have been away from drugs and alcohol I realize that these "negative" emotions are necessities for us to live a normal and healthy life.  I am having a gloomy day today, I am not going to hide this or pretend that I am in a good mood.

I cannot explain how being sober as long as I have been has made me feel so good.  Being on the sober side, I realize how hindering drugs and alcohol really are.  Some people look at me as if I have a problem because I no longer drink or smoke pot.  I look at this as such a freedom to so much unnecessary drama that this brings into our lives.  I have nothing to hide behind.  The only person you will see is me.  Personally, these are the people I want in my life.  Nothing to hide, secure enough to be themselves and show their true emotions without hiding behind anything.

Please send me an honest email or comment.  Be yourself.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 168 - Exhausting Fun

 I love the days when I am exhausted from doing way too much in a day.  I woke up early this morning to eat breakfast with my friends.  I went out for another day snowboarding on the mountain with Dave.  We followed that with a yoga session with Jenny Gabriel at the Old Town Hot Springs Rec Center.  I then followed yoga with a nice dip in the hot springs.  Yoga, after a good day of snowboarding was perfect.  The class was a good Hatha type class that allowed me to stretch some muscles that were really used today on the snowboard.  It really was like a nice self massage today.

I have been noticing while in downward dog that my two toes on my right foot like to twitch.  I find that I sometimes stare at the these two toes and wonder why they are moving.   Then I start laughing at myself because I am finding this interest in my two toes.   I think life can be so much enjoyable when you start to notice theses smaller things in life.  There were a lot of little things that seemed to stick out today.  Whether it be the clear skies along with the blue skies, the steam rising off the hot springs water, or the magpie all puffed up trying to stay warm from the cold.  Life was really good today.

I am looking forward to this week.  It do finally feel situated and over my cold this week.  There is a lot of yoga to choose from this week and I really look forward to all the new challenges ahead.  As I said earlier I am dead tired so I will keep this short and go get some rest.  Good night.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 167 - Seriously

My friends are in town from Denver and I am going to a class tomorrow afternoon.  So today was my day off.  I was snowboarding on the crowded mountain today, having fun with my friend, and catching up on times.  There are so many changes happening in our lives, some days you need to stop and catch up.  I have known Dave for about 20 years, so it is always nice to joke around and take life less seriously for a change.

I feel like I have been around a lot of people lately that have unloading their problem, issues, or dramas in life.  I feel like I have been listening a lot to people, and not really being able to vent.  I also feel like I have been having a lot of fun this year and that I do not have a lot of personal issues to unload on anyone.  When people dump a lot of issues on me though it does start to build up.   The way I vent is through dry humor and joking around with my friends.

Today has been such a day of just letting things go and taking things less seriously I do not even feel like I have a lot to say today.  I feel like my topics and blogs have been pretty serious for the most part.  I have been taking yoga308 seriously, and feel like this is the one of the true paths to continue to grow in life.  However, I feel pretty good that I do not have a great topic today.  It means that my brain has shut off and I was just having a good time today.

So join me today by shutting off your brain.  Take a day off from thinking so much and just have fun.  We take so many things to seriously in our life.  Is it necessary to soul search every day of our life?  Some times I feel like diving down too deep will never allow you to come back up for air.  I do not want to loose touch of the fine and fun things in life.  Let me know what your thoughts are through an email or a comment.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 166 - At home yoga

It is amazing how your mind can some days be so far off from where your body is.  My mind was searching for a class to go to today.  I had my friends coming into town and I was grasping to find some class this morning.  The only thing I found was at 6:00 a.m.  I am probably feeling about 70% better today from being sick.  So I thought rest was the most important thing for me.  This brought me back to my mat at home.

My mind has been looking at this week and how I only made it to one actual classroom setting.  There is a part of my mind that wanted to push myself this week.  I should fight through the sickness and get to class.  I owe it to myself.  I only made it to class once this week.  The universe did not want me to go to class though so I listened and did another nice class at home.

There can be so many distractions when practicing out of your home.  Roommates, the dog, or the phone can all cause you to stop and focus on them.  These distractions can bring about more of a  difficult situation to fall into my yoga bliss.  If I stop though, and let the world around me be for 60 whole minutes isn't this what yoga is all about.  Isn't it about finding the now?  Living in the present and accepting that this is where I am today.   Practicing at home can be much more of a learning lesson for me.

I began the at home class sitting and breathing.  Meditating into my mind.  My mind was scattered thinking of past events, things I needed to do, and things that didn't exist.  I felt like my mind was not clearing, but I could watch each of these thoughts and let them pass on through me.  I wasn't finding that zen like feeling, but I really felt like I was in the present moment and the now.

I left my friends back at their condo later tonight, because I knew I wanted to get home and blog.  People have asked me if I could miss one day in blogging.  I love to blog, and I love doing yoga.  I cannot remember the last day I thought to myself I do not want to do yoga or blog.  I feel like it is a giant lesson that is unfolding through both practices.  I feel like it is little pieces that I am connecting together to help understand life, who I am, and everything around me.  I love doing this.

That said...It is really late and I need to get some sleep.  Let me know what you love.  Send an email or leave a comment.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 165 - Coughing Elk

I have always been a firm believer of Spirit animals.  I think that animals come and go out of our lives sending us a message.  They can come in our dreams, visions, or flat smack in front of us.  I have run into a lot of injured Elk in the last week.  The picture above I took of the Elk who had a strained hind leg.  As close as felt with these guys I needed to do a little more research on what the Elk totem might be telling me.

What stuck out as important to me from the Elk totem was that the elk was here to teach us to learn to pace ourselves in order to increase our stamina.  The elk is able to look at the long journey to maintain energy and preservation.

The fact that I was sick and the elk were sick really made me listen.  I obviously have had a mind on the go, and my body has been being dragged along with it.  Although maybe my choices have been doing very healthy choices (eating well, yoga, exercise).  The amount of things I try to accomplish in a day has seemed to have worn me down.   My body stopped me the other day and forced me to stop. It asked me to try a slower pace.  To allow my body to regain it's stamina.  I love that connection between the Elk.  I just thought that was a neat bit of information to share with you.

Yoga tonight was great.  I went back to a class where it felt great to be surrounded by people again.  I get so much more out of a class environment right now.  I think there is lessons to be learned in both areas, but I hadn't been to a studio since Sunday so I was looking forward to it.  I was at Steamboat Fitness again tonight with Cristen Malia.  I was really happy to have had made it back.  My ose was still pretty clogged up, but my body felt like it was ready to return.

The one thing that I thought was funny tonight was during savasana I had to cough.  This has happened to me before, but I have not mention it yet.  Laying down in corpse pose I am supposed to clear my mind and relax, but the sound of a cough can cause distraction throughout the entire room.  I have been in plenty of classes of 70 people plus where there is not a peep throughout the entire time we were in savasana.  When I feel a cough coming on I start to try to prevent it in fear of disturbing others.  This is done by massive swallowing, trying to hold it back, or trying to play mind games to make the cough go away.

No matter what I try, I seem to always let out a cough.  All of this of course leaves me no time for meditation, but then I feel bad because I am that guy who kept coughing during final relaxation.  It is something that I do not hold onto, but thought I'd share because I know it has happened to some of you out there.  Send me a comment or email me about it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 164 - Feeling better

I was laughing this morning how the town seems so excited that it has warmed up to 9 degrees this morning.  It puts things in perspective.  It feels so much warmer today.  I also am feeling much better inside.  The crud seems to be working its way through my system.  That said, it is still 9 degrees and I am still sick.  I am sticking with the "do not push it" approach.  Today I am still letting my body take a break.  I will do another soft gentle yoga session tonight, and allow my body to fully recover.

This down time has put a lot into perspective for me.  Taking care of only me has given me even more of an inward perspective and allowing the external world to become even more like a movie.  People have issues, but they are not mine to deal with.  I do not need to mix myself in the issues and life lessons of others.  I can listen, I can give suggestions if asked, and then I can say goodbye and let them go.  I can concentrate on love and care of my body and the avenues that I would like to grow in.  I can continue to give back to the world knowing that it is continuing to work through life's lessons much like I am.

I am sipping tea at my favorite spot in Steamboat Springs (Ciao Gelato).  Steamboat is a small town.  You can leave this place for a long stretch of time, and when you return there is little change.  I still see the same people coming in and out, and everyone always has time to sit and chat about life.  Life moves much slower here.  It brings life back to the basics.

The grass is always greener on the other side.  City life brings much more opportunity.  You have anything you need at your finger tips.  Life is a lot busier.  This trip has definitely made me contemplate on where I want to be in the future, and what is important for my future.

Getting over this sickness I feel like I have woken out of another cocoon slumber.  I feel like there is so much right in front of me.  I appreciate the clear cold night sky with the billions of stars, the snow on the bare trees, or the icicles on my dogs whiskers as he sits waiting for me to throw the Frisbee.  I appreciate the fact I can walk in my backyard in Florida in my bare feet and sit sipping coffee in a rocking chair with a vegetable garden year round.  I am realizing no matter where I live I find so much to love in life.

Wake up tomorrow with a fresh new start.  Go find those simple things that always makes you smile.  Also go out and find that new adventure that you have been gearing to do.

Life is simple.  Send me an email or leave a comment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 163 - Listening to my body

I have a great way to work on your core.  All you need to do is cough for 15 straight days.  The hacking cough over the last couple days has really caused my abs to be sore.  I have checked in with Doctor John Freckleton who gave me some reassurance that I was fighting this the correct way.

Being forced in bed for the last couple days has should have caused my brain to go crazy.  I have a great opportunity here though.  I wanted to go work, snowboard, yoga class, walk the dog.  There is currently no internet at the house, it is -20 degrees outside, and everything is pointing towards me staying at home and be still.  When all signs point in one direction it is probably best to listen to them.

I really wanted to go to class and push myself and further on my yoga practice.  I woke up though and decided to go back to the basics.  What is yoga?  Is yoga about me pushing myself and perfecting handstand and peacock before I return to Orlando?  Or is it listening to my soul, body, and mind?  Today I listened to my body, and went back to some really basic yoga techniques.  I sat and breathed for a long while up in my room where I was coughing.  I started to think how a sick body would want to be treated.  I did real gentle stretches and did nothing that involved strength.  If I felt like coughing I stopped and just started to breath again.

While I sat and meditated I visioned buffalo running through my body, stampeding out any germs or gunk that was found in my body.  I started bringing positivity back into my body.  I am not expecting to be in full recovery tomorrow and will continue to listen to my body and not push myself.  I will find some type of yoga in my life according to how my body is feeling.

The last couple days of being sick without internet or cable has allowed me to focus on me.  It is an amazing thing when you drop the entire outside world.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 162 - Still Sick

I am still sick with a cough that has pretty much knocked me on my butt.  I have slept since 2:00 yesterday and still have this hacking cough.  It is really annoying to me.  I am missing my first day of yoga since beginning yoga308. 

Being in bed has given me a very settling feeling.  For the first time I do not feel like I have to do much of anything.  My body officially has taken over and has told my mind to stop.  So while I stop, I do not have much to worry about.  Just focusing on getting myself better. 

I have been having some crazy dreams while being sick.  There were these pieces of a block all scattered amongst my bed which I was trying to pick up.  I knew that these pieces were of me.  I was trying to pick up these pieces to reconstruct me.  It is so true in so many ways right now.

It is strange that I have been sick every day in 2013.  Makes me wonder what healthy feels like again.  I have not gotten this sick for a long time.  I think yoga is a strong part of keeping me healthy, but this is proof that we are still human.  We still have mental challenges as well as physical challenges that we will go through.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 161 - Sick

I did make it yo yoga at 9:00 this morning.  It was a Vinyasa Flow class.  It was either going to knock out the cold or make it worst.  I found out it made it worst as I have been sleeping all day.  Sometimes your body will completely take over.  I am not going to write much today just focusing on me and getting better. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 160 - To Give or not to Give?

I am still trying to figure out my schedule today.  There is so many things to do here in Steamboat Springs, I am having a hard time organizing my time.  I think I am starting to settle a bit.  I still have this cough.  It has been 12 days of this.  I am trying to fight through this one, and not take antibiotics.  I am taking the day off of yoga today and going instead tomorrow morning.

I was thinking of the art of giving.  When I first arrived here I thought of helping people out as much as possible.  I thought of making dinner for everyone, driving people around, volunteering,, ect.  Then I became a bit guarded in fear that this giving would be taken advantage of.  This town is filled with a lot of takers, that can feed on you.  I started to think about what happens that makes me feel like I am being taken advantage of.

My personal feeling is if I am cooking dinner I can cook dinner for a large sum of people.  I do not feel like this is something I am giving up since I was going to cook the meal anyways.  I feel like if I am going into town and driving and someone needs a ride I can do that, but I do not feel like I need to schedule my time around driving people here and there.  These are some of my honest thoughts going through my head. 

I am patient with the takers.  but also seeking more of the givers.  The more you surround yourself with other givers the more I feel like the arguments become more about who will help who.  People will take advantage of my giving, but that is their problem not mine.  I have to ask myself what am I willing to give, and to who.  At the same time I have to learn to receive from the other givers.  After all you should not give your whole life, just as you should not receive your whole life.  There is a balance there.  It seems like in a lot of situations I want to provide for people.  I have gone so far of giving up my entire self being to provide for others.  I will never do this again.  This is why I am guarded.

There are 24 hours in all of our lives.  How much time are you taking from someone?  How much time are you truly giving without looking for anything in return? Are you 24 hours of giving and forgetting about your self?  Are you 24 hours taking and relying on other souls to stimulate your life?

Send me an email or comment.  I am really

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 159 - Let it go

 It is a cold and windy day here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I was very happy yesterday when I visited my friend Frank Cutler who is an acupuncturist in town.  If you ever need good work visit him.  He recommended I go to a yoga workshop with Valerie Dambrosio at Steamboat Fitness.  She knows her stuff so I was happy to learn some new things last night.  She also taught this morning.  I am really happy with the classes I have gone to so far here, and I am looking forward to more.  I have also run into and reconnected with some friends from my past.  Life seems to embrace you when you open your heart.

Last night I had about an hour conversation with a 63 year old man who was complaining about his ex-wife.  He had not talked to his sons, and he was bitter over a lot of events over the last 30 years.  It was mostly a sit and listen conversation.   At one point I realized that I could easily become this guy.  I could stay bitter my entire life over events that happened to me in the past.  I can act as a victim in life.   I am finding the biter victims in life never seem to find happiness or move forward in life.  We all have the ability to play the bitter victim.

The other choice is to look at these "negative" aspects as life lessons, ways to grow, and a path to a greater life.  Before moving forward, we need to stop and "let it go."  Some people tend to push these events deep down inside of them and continue to try to move forward.  I think by doing so we block so many places that need to be used to grow.  It is like a tomato plant trying to grow with its roots pulled out of the ground.  The plant might seek for sunlight and water, but until it gets its roots back into the soil there will be little growth.  I am making sure my roots dive deep into my new soil.  That I am fully rooted and ready to take in the water and sunlight.

There has been a lot of situations in my life lately telling me to let things from my past go.   We all have things to release and let go.  I have found certain postures have released some of these emotions and feelings inside of me.  Therapy has also helped me talk it out.  I have also started acupuncture, energy cleansing, massage, and meditating.  All of these things are super interesting to me.  These are all ways that I am going to use to learn more about who I am and how I work in this world.

A lot of events in my life I do not have any control over.  I feel like these events that happen can take over my brain as I try to figure out why the unexplainable happeneds.   I look for explanation to things that will never be explained.  These are the things I need to let go.   I feel like my brain is like a giant storage closet.  I have cleared out a lot of the nonsense, but still have things to clean out.  It is an on going process where I must let go of the things in the past, but also not take in the events in the present.  How else can I keep other peoples issues out of my head, and just recognize them as "not my issue."

Yoga has helped me focus on me.  It helps me clear my head and block out the people around me.  This was the beginning of my journey.  There is so much more to learn.  

If you haven't yet, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 158 - Enlightened instructors?

I have continued my adventure here in Steamboat Springs.  I went to a flow vinyasa class last night and found another one for tonight.  There is a topic I have wanted to cover for awhile now that I have noticed going to so many different teachers in this world.

I believe that everyone who does yoga regularly is searching for a path to better themselves, but many of us go down different paths to go there.   We all seem to come to yoga for a answer to something.  Whether it is how to become physically fit, mentally stable, or looking towards the unknown.  The yogi's (me included) that fall into a deep practice more then likely had something bad happen to them.  We go to yoga to find our balance, peace, and stability again.

I think there is a assumed notion that all yoga instructors are these peaceful enlightened beings.  People are surprised when the teachers are not perfect, but are just regular humans like ourselves.
I look at it as instructors fall in love with yoga because it helped them out of a dark space and made them feel good.  They then want to share this good feeling with the rest of the world.

I am finding a lot of instructors that after they gain what they feel is enough knowledge shut off on self growth (or maybe they were never really growing).  They use their "instructor" title as a way to feel more powerful over their students.  They put on a pretend presence of how they are truly enlightened.  They want their students to feel beneath them.  In reality there are so many insecurities in this instructor they become addicted to this power of feeling like they are enlightened. 

Please stop putting on a show.  Be yourself.  If you are not following a knowen series like Ashtanga, Dharma, or Bikram, please stop pretending.  Be yourself.   Do not hide your emotions.  If you are happy be happy, but if you are frustrated or sad, allow that to come out.  It shows you are human.  It shows you are not putting on a show.  Your students are your best teachers.  Be yourself, life works so much better when you are not that pretend enlightened being, and people respect you so much more.

I feel like I may have met a few enlightened beings in this world, and they never act enlightened.  They just are, and this is with years and years of practice. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 157 - The external life is becoming a movie

Yoga was exactly what I needed last night.  Yesterday was my first day back on the slopes and life felt pretty sweet.  I went up just for a couple hours and took it easy to try to get my legs back.  This is my typical routine when returning to snowboarding.  However,  I did not feel tired or achy.  I have heard for years that yoga will enhance your sport, and now I believe it.

After class I did a Yin yoga class with Lindsey Barr at Steamboat Fitness.  This was exactly where my body and mind needed to be.  Yin is a restorative level on so many levels.  My life has been busy with hustle and bustle, emotional cyclones, and excited adventures.  I walked in the class with a crazy excited attitude.  I left with a mood of at ease, relaxation, and the knowledge that life is awesome.  I also slept very well last night.

I am sitting in a coffee shop today where I am displaying my art work.  It is great to listen to kids talk about my paintings.  I just had a little girl walk past me, asking her mom which painting she liked the best.  She liked the Zebra and the Rhino.  No one knew that I painted these.  It is nice to have this feeling of allowing little kids and others to enjoy my art work. 

In the past I used to externalize on my painting.  If a little girl walked by saying "I love the Zebra" I would not believe her.  I would think something like "Now my art work is like a little child."  I would use the external as a way to beat myself up.  The bottom line though was I did not believe internally that my art work was good.  I used the external to increase my discomfort and insecurity of the internal. 

Yoga allows me to focus on the internal.  I can notice distractions that are around me and trying to throw me off balance, ignore my breathing, or find insecurities inside myself.  Once I began to notice these external things I began to realize they really have nothing to do with me.  I have the option to try to be better then others, be upset when I loose my balance, or blame others from distracting my breathing.  The real questions are internal why's.  Why did I show up to yoga today? Why did I fall out of balance? Why am I insecure about these things.

I fight with these whys.  Ultimately yoga gives me less why's and more acceptance.  For the first time I feel really proud of my art work.  Although it felt good to hear that little girl get excited about my art work, I do not need her.   Again, I owe this to yoga.  The external life is slowly becoming more of a movie for me.

How are you feeling today?  Email me or leave a comment.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 156 - Mix things up

Yoga has brought peace to my life.  I am glad every city seems to offer some type of yoga.  It is the place I can rely on to sit and find daily peace.

I have officially mixed things up in my life.  There is a very exciting feeling yet also a very nervous feeling inside of me.  I have had the comforts of life around me for the last few months.  I have been spoiled with good people, great yoga classes, food, habits, juice, dogs ect.  Now with this mix up driving out to Steamboat, I am faced with finding new areas to feel this same stability.  I am faced with a new schedule to make sure my priorities are met, my inner peace is found, and I have a lot of fun.

These types of changes in our lives are what makes room for growth.  It is when we get comfortable and settled that we do not seem to change much.  We need to keep stretching and forcing our self into new postures or situations to continue to find areas of growth in our life.  So although I am happy to be experiences these changes they are also very uncomfortable.  The things that I can rely on are not at my finger tips, and I need to find new areas to allow me to deal with myself, and not rely on external presence to keep me happy.

I have gone through several different emotions since being back.  It is great to see my old friends here, but it also brings me back to the days when I was married.  So as I mix through those emotions I also am finding new friends and new places I have never seen before.  New opportunities are coming to me because I am working through and letting go of my past, as well as going out into this world with an open heart.  I have decided to find the things that I want to do and do them.  I am not going to rely on others to join me, but rather make my plans and let other people fit around them.  Other people will guide me to where I want to go.  Luckily I have a lot of interests so I can join several different people.

It was a real good feeling to leave my house in Orlando and come out here with only my dog and my truck.  Everything I needed was in the truck.  So it was nice to minimize my life and realize the things that are important to me.

I have forgotten the slow pace of Steamboat Springs, CO.  I was talking to my friend Lynn yesterday about the urgent and "I gotta" statements I like to make.  "I gotta go to the grocery."  "I gotta plan this trip."  "I gotta walk the dog."  I am a very driven person, and with that comes these statements.  The issue with living 4 or 5 steps ahead is I am not enjoying the present.  Steamboat Springs is a great place to find the present again.  

I am going to an "evening unwind class" with Lindsey Barr.   I am planning on going to a lot of different classes in town to make sure I find the ones that meet my mood or needs at that time.  I think it is important to try as many as I can before settling into a class.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 155 - Rebuilding

I just got done with my first yoga class here in Steamboat Springs.  I went to Virv Yoga and took a class with Lyn.  It was a great start to yoga in Steamboat,

Yesterday as I drove into Steamboat Springs, CO I shed a few tears.  They were tears of happiness.  There is a lot to return back to here in Steamboat as it has almost been 1 year since I was last here.  For me this was like returning to ground zero of my divorce.  I left Colorado to go heal in Orlando.  I was comparing my divorce to a fallen 20 story building.  As the building falls you need to make quick desisions to try to find some safety.  After it falls you find yourself in a pile a rubble.  These next steps are what seem so vital.  You either start trying to climb back up to your 20th story in a building that does not exist, you start building on the pile of rubble in hopes the building stays stable, or you start clearing your rubble.

The feeling driving in was one of overwhelming joy as I am extremely happy with the growth I have had since the divorce.  I have chosen a life of always having some type of personal growth.  I am diving deeper into myself to find answers to why I am who I am and the world around me.  I am looking to find compassion and love for all beings around me.

 I feel as if I have come here to check on my building.  When you hit ground zero, you cannot help to feel some of the sad thoughts about how or why the building first fell.  I have a chance to talk to friends about what happen, and old emotions tend to surface.  The good news is the site of my building seems clear of rubble.  I feel as if I am now using a broom and sweeping up a few more areas.  The other good news is I feel as if I have already began the foundation and structure of my new building.  It is not the 20 story skyscraper it once was, but I realize it is being built so much stronger.  The foundation will not allow this building to fall for the same reason that the previous one did.  The emotional charge driving into the city was because my building is already so much stronger, beautiful, and will be twice as big as the last one.

I cannot build a giant 40 story skyscraper by myself.  I need help.  I have found this help in Orlando, through my therapist, yoga, energy work, and close friends.  Being here however is about finding more ideas on how to build this skyscraper.   I am starting off looking for new yoga studios, finding places to get acupuncture, and massage, visiting old friends, making new friends, and being in the snowy wilderness.  These opportunities lead to more opportunities which make for a stronger building.

This search also lead to people that may appear to want to destroy my building, but I am looking at these people differently this time.  They may appear to be trying to steal labor or parts of my building to try to make their own stronger.  The truth is we are all making buildings together.  Others will use my ideas and pieces to help construct their own.   The important part is to keep your concentration on building your building.  There are all different ways to construct a building.  Some of your time will be needed to build others structures, but do not loose sight on making sure your building is strong.  The more people you meet the more you will figure out who is helping your building become stronger and who is hindering in your movement.

I am very excited to get out in this world today!  Keep those emails and comments coming.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 154 - Learn from others

This morning I went to Lohi Athletic Club in Denver to take a class with Kathleen Swinbourne.   It is great to be able to get out of my norm and into some fresh new ideas and yoga classes.  This class made me very pumped for the next couple months ahead.  

I am really excited for today.  I am  also still sick.  It's a strange cold that is only really bothersome to me past 9:00.  Other then that I seem to be fine.  Do you ever notice that when you tell someone you are sick they automatically come up with answers and remedies on how to cure the common cold.  You need to take vitamins, you need to go see a doctor, you need to rest...We all do it. 

I was thinking of all the times I have given advice in my life.  How many times was that person really asking for it?  I think I tend to get excited for people when they meet on common ground, but I have really been focusing on not pushing my beliefs on people.  I have found that blogging on this page actually gives me the outlet that I need to make me feel like I am sharing something with the world.  I also paint which is another form of expression for me.  The more I do this the less I seem to give my advice. 

We mold into so many types of relationships in our lives.  Some people need another person to tell them what to do.  To mother them while they are sick.  Others have no desire to be told what to do.  It always seems to vary per subject too.  I am wondering why we externalize so much?  Why we sometimes rely on other people to help live our lives?  Then in other areas why do we refuse help?  Then why do we feel the need to push our thoughts and help others in their ways?

I am on the verge of meeting so many new people in my life.  This along with snowboarding makes me so excited for what is happening so far this year.  Every person we run into we have several options.  We can learn from that person, push our beliefs,  make that person smile, make that person feel miserable.  I have found that if I go into new encounters with an open heart and the knowledge that we are all growing together on this earth it helps me learn more from that person.  I am here learning and growing just as the person I am engaged with is also learning and growing in their own way.  It is really up to me on how much you want to engage with that person.  If the individual is pushy or a soul sucker I'll find someone else.  I find the best people I get along with are the ones that are also out in this world to learn and grow from other people.

I have officially made it to my destination of Steamboat Springs, CO.  Let the adventure continue.

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