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Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 158 - Enlightened instructors?

I have continued my adventure here in Steamboat Springs.  I went to a flow vinyasa class last night and found another one for tonight.  There is a topic I have wanted to cover for awhile now that I have noticed going to so many different teachers in this world.

I believe that everyone who does yoga regularly is searching for a path to better themselves, but many of us go down different paths to go there.   We all seem to come to yoga for a answer to something.  Whether it is how to become physically fit, mentally stable, or looking towards the unknown.  The yogi's (me included) that fall into a deep practice more then likely had something bad happen to them.  We go to yoga to find our balance, peace, and stability again.

I think there is a assumed notion that all yoga instructors are these peaceful enlightened beings.  People are surprised when the teachers are not perfect, but are just regular humans like ourselves.
I look at it as instructors fall in love with yoga because it helped them out of a dark space and made them feel good.  They then want to share this good feeling with the rest of the world.

I am finding a lot of instructors that after they gain what they feel is enough knowledge shut off on self growth (or maybe they were never really growing).  They use their "instructor" title as a way to feel more powerful over their students.  They put on a pretend presence of how they are truly enlightened.  They want their students to feel beneath them.  In reality there are so many insecurities in this instructor they become addicted to this power of feeling like they are enlightened. 

Please stop putting on a show.  Be yourself.  If you are not following a knowen series like Ashtanga, Dharma, or Bikram, please stop pretending.  Be yourself.   Do not hide your emotions.  If you are happy be happy, but if you are frustrated or sad, allow that to come out.  It shows you are human.  It shows you are not putting on a show.  Your students are your best teachers.  Be yourself, life works so much better when you are not that pretend enlightened being, and people respect you so much more.

I feel like I may have met a few enlightened beings in this world, and they never act enlightened.  They just are, and this is with years and years of practice. 

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  1. That was a nice way of saying a lot of instructors are FAKE! Thanks for talking about this.