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Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 155 - Rebuilding

I just got done with my first yoga class here in Steamboat Springs.  I went to Virv Yoga and took a class with Lyn.  It was a great start to yoga in Steamboat,

Yesterday as I drove into Steamboat Springs, CO I shed a few tears.  They were tears of happiness.  There is a lot to return back to here in Steamboat as it has almost been 1 year since I was last here.  For me this was like returning to ground zero of my divorce.  I left Colorado to go heal in Orlando.  I was comparing my divorce to a fallen 20 story building.  As the building falls you need to make quick desisions to try to find some safety.  After it falls you find yourself in a pile a rubble.  These next steps are what seem so vital.  You either start trying to climb back up to your 20th story in a building that does not exist, you start building on the pile of rubble in hopes the building stays stable, or you start clearing your rubble.

The feeling driving in was one of overwhelming joy as I am extremely happy with the growth I have had since the divorce.  I have chosen a life of always having some type of personal growth.  I am diving deeper into myself to find answers to why I am who I am and the world around me.  I am looking to find compassion and love for all beings around me.

 I feel as if I have come here to check on my building.  When you hit ground zero, you cannot help to feel some of the sad thoughts about how or why the building first fell.  I have a chance to talk to friends about what happen, and old emotions tend to surface.  The good news is the site of my building seems clear of rubble.  I feel as if I am now using a broom and sweeping up a few more areas.  The other good news is I feel as if I have already began the foundation and structure of my new building.  It is not the 20 story skyscraper it once was, but I realize it is being built so much stronger.  The foundation will not allow this building to fall for the same reason that the previous one did.  The emotional charge driving into the city was because my building is already so much stronger, beautiful, and will be twice as big as the last one.

I cannot build a giant 40 story skyscraper by myself.  I need help.  I have found this help in Orlando, through my therapist, yoga, energy work, and close friends.  Being here however is about finding more ideas on how to build this skyscraper.   I am starting off looking for new yoga studios, finding places to get acupuncture, and massage, visiting old friends, making new friends, and being in the snowy wilderness.  These opportunities lead to more opportunities which make for a stronger building.

This search also lead to people that may appear to want to destroy my building, but I am looking at these people differently this time.  They may appear to be trying to steal labor or parts of my building to try to make their own stronger.  The truth is we are all making buildings together.  Others will use my ideas and pieces to help construct their own.   The important part is to keep your concentration on building your building.  There are all different ways to construct a building.  Some of your time will be needed to build others structures, but do not loose sight on making sure your building is strong.  The more people you meet the more you will figure out who is helping your building become stronger and who is hindering in your movement.

I am very excited to get out in this world today!  Keep those emails and comments coming.

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