What is Yoga 308

Life is a constant struggle of balancing our body on both a physical and emotional side. Through yoga I have learned several life lessons. Yoga 308 is a goal I set for myself to do at least 60 minutes of yoga for 6 days a week for the next year. I invite anyone to join me on this adventure as I blog about some of my daily experiences. This is not intended to show that I have found peace and tranquility, but rather give my honest feelings of my journey. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 258 - Path to a Healthy Life

I am feeling the full effects of jet lag.  I got knocked out this afternoon and slept for about 2 hours.  I am glad I have been blogging.  It will give me a reminder next time I go out to Asia.  The irregular sleep has made my energy levels all out of whack.  I was good this morning and afternoon.  Then boom, I fell asleep.  I still needed to do yoga, so I did a gentle yoga.  Very simple, and very easy stretching.  I honestly was having trouble doing even the gentle yoga today.  Hopefully, I  will get back into the main groove again tomorrow.

We are all on different paths in life.  I have met a lot of great people over the last year.  I feel that these people are all growing towards a better life full of peace, love, and happiness.  I have learned we all have our "faults" or something we are working on.  We will always have this constant struggle to keep our lives in balance and working towards this good life.   Our entire life will consist of trying to better our life.  With this in mind we can find a gentleness and understanding inside everyone we meet.  If we drop our ego and stay humble, we can admit we have faults we are working on.  We accept our imperfetions, and continue to grow as an individual. 

I know that coffee is bad for me.  I am working on cutting this out of my life eventually. The fact that I drink coffee does not mean I am a bad or unhealthy person.  I have been looking at trying to change my life to a healthy lifestyle, but also understand it is ongoing battle.  When I stop coffee, there will be something else that will make me even healthier.

It is important to surround yourself with people that encourage your pursuit to a healthier life.  Some people will lead you towards an unhealthier life.  Some people will look at your healthy changes and point out areas where you are unhealthy.  They will look at your pursuit for changing as a threat towards their life of respect or power.  They will point out your other faults or your other unhealthy habits (as if they have none).  They will try to make themselves feel better or more important.  Their own insecurities start to surface, and they start to point out their own unhealthy habits.

Find people that are glad you are on a path towards a healthier life.  Respect people and their path that they are on.

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